Moving Mountains ft. Jonathan Ronzio – Feel Good Thoughts Podcast #21


Moving Mountains

Today I am excited to share with you a Feel Good Thoughts Podcast with the inspiring Jonathan Ronzio who produced the film Between the Peaks.

Jonathan shares about the journey with his two friends in their dream to climb the tallest mountains in both North and South America and how throughout their journey, they also volunteered at every country between the two peaks.

Jonathan explains that as climbers, the men had the obvious dream of reaching the summit of these mountains, but that its just as important to focus on the steps along the way of achieving your goals.

He planned for 2 years and intensely trained for 1 year. The mountain in South America stood at 22,841 ft and took 12 days to climb. At 21,600 ft,  Jonathan fell to his knees, as his chest felt tight and he began experiencing heart palpations, the early symptoms of high altitude pulmonary edema set in and he was forced to turn back. Jonathan remembers how heartbreaking of a decision it was, but is now able to reflect back and realize sometimes what you think is right, isn’t.

He had a vision, and it did not end the way he planned, but everything has a way of working out and making itself known. After all the training and planning, to have such a positive attitude is absolutely inspiring!

Although he did not make it to the top, he achieved so much – the experience he gained was life changing. He reminds us that big dreams can look daunting but are always achievable if you break them down. He uses the metaphor of a mountain, explaining from far away it looks huge and challenging, but up close, you find the rocks to grab, the footholds to dig into and every 10ft is just a walk up a difficult staircase. Any dream, no matter how big, is always doable.

Throughout his journey, he cherished the words a 12-year old said to him years ago while surfing:

“Keep paddling, even after you think the wave has you”

We chase our dreams, and sometimes, when we think we are there, we simply stop. Jonathan reminds us to keep the momentum, keep paddling, keep climbing, keep pushing and you can achieve anything.

Make sure to watch Jonathan’s entire journey through his inspiring film Between The Peaks. and tune into the podcast below to hear more about his journey.