Motivate Me – Feel Good Thoughts Podcast #20


Hi everyone,

Today’s podcast is focused on the feel good thought  ‘Motivate Me’.

I want to start with the quote “I am only as motivated as the person I am allowing myself to be”

Allow yourself to feel motivated and know your why. Why do you want to feel motivated? In order to be motivated, you must allow yourself to feel motivated.

So today I will talk about 4 ways you can start to feel motivated.

1. Have a positive mindset and know your why

In order to be motivated, you must know your why. What is your plan? What do you want to achieve? By knowing your why, you can focus your goals and create a positive mindset to achieve them. It could be as simple as waking up each morning and setting a positive intention or goal. For me, my why is inspiring others to feel good. Each morning I wake up knowing my why, which sets out my day in a feel good way.

2. Seek inspiration from others

I have plenty of people I look to for inspiration. I often just jump online and listen to an inspiring YouTube video to help me find motivation for the day, some of my favourites are Preston Smiles and Gabrielle Bernstein. You could also work with a coach to help inspire you. Whatever it is, seeking inspiration from others is a great way to help keep you motivated.

3. Seeing the progress of your work

‘It’s in the doing… where the done, will be done!’ The progress I see when I am doing my work motivates me to do more work. Seeing progress in what I am working on everyday and seeing that I am making a difference, motivates me to continue to do more.

4. Having thankfulness and gratitude

Reflect on your life or your work and have gratitude. What are you grateful for? Being thankful and having gratitude can help motivate you and lift your positive energy. By recognizing all the positive blessings in your life, it can naturally motivate yourself.

Think about… What are you grateful for in the last 24 hours, then think about, what are you grateful for in the last 7 days and then what are you grateful for in the last 90 minutes.

To finish up today’s Feel Good Thought, what are you grateful for right now?

I would love to hear what you are grateful for, tweet me @FeelGoodJoey your gratitude and remember to hashtag #feelgoodthoughts

Light and happiness,