Mindfulness – Feel Good Thoughts Podcast #26



Today’s feel good thought is based around mindfulness, and the affirmation I would like to begin with is ‘I honor and allow myself to just be’.

Isn’t that a beautiful affirmation to start the day? The reason why I love this affirmation is that you are able to break down the affirmation and use it in a way like;

I honor myself the space to practice whatever it is that makes me feel good, like meditation or yoga.

And I allow myself the time to be mindful in this moment and just be.

To be mindful to me, means to be in the here and now, right now. It is about dedicating the time to honor myself the space to practice my meditation and during that time just letting thoughts come and go with no judgement. It is really about letting go of what was, surrendering to what is and believing in what will be.

Taking time out for mindfulness allows me to decrease stress, feel at peace and feel more love, light and happiness.

Tune into today’s Feel Good Thoughts Podcast #26 where I share more about mindfulness and living conciously.

I would love to know what mindfulness means to you, send me a tweet @feelgoodjoey with what mindfulness means to you and remember to hashtag #feelgoodthoughts so we can share these beautiful feel good thoughts with others.

Have a great day,