Courage – Feel Good Thoughts Podcast #25


Hey there,

Today I want to share a feel good thought around the word ‘courage’.

To me, courage is caring about what you want and taking the leap to achieve it.

Look at it like this…there is a bridge, on one side is fear and the other side is your ultimate goal or dream. Courage is simply the steps you take over the bridge to get to where you desire.

Courage is also understanding you may not win or achieve the outcome you desire but you’ll give it a go anyway. It’s realising that overcoming your fear and having that self belief to steer toward your goal is more important than holding back and letting fear consume you.

So next time you feel fear, don’t let it hold you back. Instead, get that feel good thought that courage is about caring about what you want, about gaining self belief and realising that it may take a little bit of moving outside your comfort zone but when you strive towards your goal, this is far more important than fear.

Have the courage to believe in yourself and take the step forward to achieve your goals. You can do this!

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Have a beautiful and courageous day.