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Spreading Christmas Cheer – Feel Good Podcast #27



With Christmas just around the corner today I want to share with you some ways in which you can bring Christmas cheer to others around you.

  1. Volunteering – Volunteering is a beautiful gift to give this Christmas, being able to spend some time helping others can help you to help you to feel good, spread happiness and feel happy! Studies have shown that volunteering has the power to reduce anxiety and depression. There are many different organisations at Christmas in which you can help, just do a little Google search online to see what volunteering opportunities are available close to where your live.
  2. Bake some gingerbread cookies and take them into work and surprise everyone in your team. Or  if you don’t like to bake then maybe you could buy some and share them around. Share Christmas Cheer through surprising others.
  3. Offer to help someone – If you have a family member or friend who is feeling a little overwhelmed during the lead up to Christmas, then why not ask them if you can help them with anything; such as babysitting the kids or going over to their place and sitting with them to help wrap christmas presents can make all the difference.
  4. If someone is alone at Christmas time then invite them to your celebrations. This can make all the difference. Ask your friends, work collegues and friends what they are doing at Christmas? Be conscious of including others into your Christmas Cheer celebrations.
  5. Give back by donating a gift to those in need. Some stores run appeals, such as Kmart where you can get a tag from the Wishing Tree. Using one end of the tag, indicate the age group and gender of who you think might like to receive your gift. All you need to do then is place the gift under the Wishing Tree. Then you are able to take one half of the tag to hang on your tree at home. Share the love and Christmas Cheer this year by buying just one more gift and help someone smile this Christmas.
  6. Go and EXPLORE – Surprise a loved one with an adventure this Christmas. You can create your own experience such as creating a surprise day out, like going for a hike or if it is hot then visit a new coastline of beaches or stand up paddle boarding or if it is winter you could perhaps go snowboarding. For adventure ideas you could also visit websites like which is an awesome platform to choose an experience to buy as a gift voucher. Experiences are always fun because they help create lasting memories.
  7. Create your own Christmas cards – A fun activity for the holidays (especially for kids and big kids!) is to spread Christmas cheer is through creating your own Christmas cards. Its really easy just grab some different coloured paper or cardboard maybe red and green, some glitter and away you go!Another idea could be to buy some plain white or plain brown wrapping paper and get the kids to create the Christmas wrapping paper by painting or drawing Christmas trees, santa, stars, Happy Christmas anything like that on the paper and then use that as wrapping paper for the Christmas presents.
  8. Compliment a person each and every day from today till Christmas day and share the Christmas cheer through happiness and compliments. It may be something as simple as letting someone know they are truly appreciated, thanking a collegue or a friend. It is really about taking time to notice something nice about another.

I hope you have found some of these Christmas Cheer ideas helpful, please SHARE this post to help spread the Christmas Cheer with others.

Merry Christmas everyone, enjoy your weekend!